17 september: Awakening Through Your Voice


Voice Toning and Sacred Chant by Krishangi Lila.

And listen to the magic of your voice…
Let the song of your soul dance on your lips….
Let the tune of your heart embrace your whole being…..
And may you be carried by the wings of music
To the highest realms of Eternity.

Voice carries in itself a tremendous power to heal and awaken the energies in our body and purify the mind. Vocal toning is a powerful and ancient form of healing which has been used for ages in order to evoke certain effects in the surroundings and in the human psyche. Toning itself is a simple process of releasing the vocal sound and directing it towards a certain chakra area in the body.

Each chakra corresponds to a specific vowel, tone and colour which links to a specific anatomical area of the body. By toning on certain vowels we awaken the blocked areas in our energy field and release the negative emotional patterns that has been restored there for many years. You will be introduced also to breathing techniques and movements that help you to open up to the voice and sound resonance in your body. Magical power of Sacred chants and mantras will help you to find the voice in your heart and carry you beyond this reality.

No singing skills needed to take part in this workshop. All are welcome who would like to discover the mystery of their voice or use their voice as an instrument for healing process in their daily lives.

Voor deze bijzondere workshop doen wij een donatiesuggestie. Als richtbedrag houden wij € 12,50 aan. Echter, een laag inkomen mag geen beletsel zijn om van deze unieke gebeurtenis gebruik te maken!

Inloop: vanaf 15 uur.

Georganiseerd door Vliegdienst.

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